Emmanuel Calisthenics

Recognised as leaders in innovative Calisthenics, Emmanuel Calisthenics Incorporated may be one of the oldest clubs in Melbourne but their team of dynamic coaches is determined their vision and training styles will carry on way beyond into history. Our aim is to provide a fun, safe and quality calisthenic experience with commitment and integrity, challenging the boundaries of our unique sport.

About Emmanuel

At Emmanuel, students learn a range of Calisthenics skills and techniques throughout the different levels of age appropriate teams. The routines learnt are from a range of exercises and combinations of movement, which include dance (folk and modern), ballet, gymnastics, handheld apparatus, acting and singing.

Brilliant Movement

Emmanuel Calisthenics is known for its outstanding choreography and design, their vision extends from years of successful and talented students.

Recognised Industry Leaders

As a competitive club, Emmanuel has throughout the years proved to be a club that is successful year in year out. With highly talented coaches leading the way, Emmanuel is the place for Calisthenics.

Leaders in Innovative Calisthenics

Emmanuel competes in various competitions during the year at each team level and is recognised through their achievements as having a forward-thinking approach to Calisthenics.