Emmanuel Calisthenics Committee 2017


President Kathryn Buchanan
Vice President Belinda Robinson
Secretary Leeanne Park
Treasurer Larissa Adey
Coach Representative Melissa Osborne
CVI Representatives Heather Naughton & Kathryn Buchanan
Medals Coordinator Larissa Adey
Merchandise All Senior Mums
Publicity  Kathryn Buchanan & Stephanie Paul
Public Officer Leeanne Park
Pupil Skills Leeanne Park
RCC Committee CONVENOR: Leeanne Park
Clubs / Rods Christie Rutten
Wardrobe Jane Tucker
Fundraising Belinda Johnson
Social Media Stephanie Paul
Newletter Danielle Rutten
Solo Concert CONVENOR: Alyssa Naughton


Can you help?

We would like volunteers to assist our Committee members with some of the smaller jobs involved in running a club like ours……some of these jobs take approx 3 hours once a year.  To volunteer, please approach your Class Manager or Contact Us here


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